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KeySecurePC - De volledig beveiligde ultra portable computer (45 gram)

KeySecurePC ziet er uit als een grote USB memory stick. Het is in werkelijkheid een Computer (SSD harddisk SSD) die eenvoudig opgestart kan worden vanaf elke andere computer met een USB aansluiting.

Wilt u zeker weten dat uw data niet achterblijft op een PC (spyware, virussen, e.d.) en bent u mobiel, dan is KeySecurePC de oplossing voor u.

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4 april 2012

KeySecurePC launches pocket-size device that puts expert security within the reach of ordinary business people and professionals

KeySecurePC SPA, a software company based in Rome, has today launched a new hardware device that overcomes the substantial limitations of encrypted pen drives or USB memory sticks while retaining the benefits of their size and convenience.

Why USB sticks and pen drives cannot protect privacy

The fundamental security problem with USB pen drives comes from the risk of spyware, viruses and unsecured copies of files made on the computer that they are plugged into. The moment you pull a file off your encrypted drive to work on it, your personal/family/client/patient privacy is at the mercy of non-secure applications and the hard drive partitions where they put their unencrypted working files.

In effect, this means that to protect your data, you should never work on sensitive documents or spreadsheets or send confidential emails unless you are working on a computer that you know is properly secured.

The KeySecurePC solution

KeySecurePC is a small hardware device, the same size and shape as a USB memory stick. Like a memory stick, you simply plug it into any computer to use it. But that's where the similarity ends:

Unlike memory sticks, KeySecurePC includes a collection of software that temporarily takes over the host computer, creating a self-contained, secure working environment that is totally independent from the computer's own operating system, applications, hard drive and any malware that may have got onto it.

Whenever you work within this secure environment, your operating system and applications plus all your personal settings and your documents are made available to you, just as you left them. When you shut down and unplug it, everything remains locked away in an inaccessible, encrypted form.

Typical users

The main advantages of KeySecurePC devices come from the combination of security and ease of use. To make a regular PC secure takes time and expertise; with KeySecurePC security comes as standard.

For this reason, KeySecurePC is being offered to:

Professionals - particularly in the financial and healthcare sectors

Business people - notably those involved in Human Resources or product innovation

Private citizens - including people who want to halt or reverse the erosion of privacy

Technical details

Each KeySecurePC device consists of:

An SSD Hard Disk, as used in the latest-generation PCs, up to 256 GB in capacity.

A user-friendly operating system based on Linux, with Windows emulator.

A popular office suite, browser, email and other applications.

The entire operating system, applications, settings and documents are encrypted to AES256 - the standard accepted by national security agencies.

Every device also has a secure wiping facility. This means that when it reaches its end of life - or if you want to pass it to a friend or sell it on - you can wipe it entirely clean and restore it to factory settings. This wiping is irreversible - even with professional hacker tools - yet takes just a matter of minutes to complete.

Extra levels of security

Each KeySecurePC device ships with two completely separate user partitions. Both are totally inaccessible and invisible to one another. This is perfect for professionals who need to give presentations or share work, whilst keeping personal, financial or client data strictly separate and confidential.

Both partitions are AES256 encrypted for the most complete security possible.

Security and privacy online

With KeySecurePC you can connect securely to corporate systems and other virtual private networks (VPNs). This allows you to maintain client confidentiality from end to end. It also allows you to use online banking and similar services without risk of your privacy being compromised.

In common with all computers, when using the browser in KeySecurePC your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will maintain records of public web sites that you visit and the content that you download from them. For this reason we believe that KeySecurePC has nothing new to offer criminals; it is a solution that is of real interest to legitimate business people and private citizens.

Physical dimensions

KeySecurePC devices are highly portable at just 10cm x 2cm in size – just like a pen drive.

International patents

KeySecurePC is one of a kind in terms of convenience and security. It was created through a collaboration between a team of computer experts and specialists with over twenty years experience in the Internet, IT security and data protection, as well as consultants from government and private institutions.

Swiss patent pending N. 0363/11 c/o Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property Stauffacherstrasse 65/59g, CH-3003 Bern